Melchior cutlery

  • What is Melchior?
  • Care for the products of nickel silver
  • Methods for cleaning the nickel silver
  • Tips after cleaning

It's no secret that despite the fact that the nickel for a long time retains its presentable appearance, from time to time it simply needs to be cleaned. What kind of care do mill-chinese cutlery require? Everything is not as difficult as it may seem. Probably every landlady has her own ways, but we will tell you about the most popular ones today.

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What is Melchior?

Melchior is, above all, an alloy of several metals, such as nickel, copper, zinc and silver. No, the noble metal itself is not included in the alloy, but silverware cutlery is covered with silver. This makes the objects more attractive, they help ensure that neither the food nor the person is in contact with the components from which the nickel and zinc itself is made. They can cause allergies, which is incredibly dangerous. But since there is no contact, then there is no reaction to the health-hazardous components.

Important! Invented was a nickel in China, a court master, whose name was Li Lian Ying. He lived in the distant eighth century BC.The young man was very curious, he was eager to experiment and always try something new. His invention gave a tremendous impetus - to date, made of nickel, coins, objects of decor, ornaments, as well as the famous cupronickel cutlery.

After the received raw material has a little studied, have understood, that мелхиор not only is similar externally on silver, but also has surpassed all expectations. The alloy does not lend itself to corrosion, it outperforms silver in strength and is more resistant to high and, conversely, low temperatures.

Important! Foreigners called the received raw materials "Chinese silver", which is in great demand, but at the price, naturally, is at times inferior to noble metal.

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Caring for the products of nickel silver

As with any silver, the light deposition of the cupronickel eventually acquires a darker shade, more simply it becomes darker. This metal is very fastidious to moisture, and in its presence - every second covered with a touch. Naturally, it would be nice if after each application cutlery made of nickel silver could be cleaned. However, this is virtually impossible. Therefore, an excellent way out of this situation is the option of periodic cleaning of cutlery.

For this, soak them for 15-20 minutes in warm soapy water, and after rinse in clean, again with warm water and dry with a paper or ordinary towel.

Important! Models with gilding are somewhat more expensive, however, in care they are less finicky and do not require so frequent cleaning.

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Methods for cleaning the nickel silver

As everyone knows, there are many ways to clean the cupronickel at home. First of all you will need the following components:

  • Salt;
  • Sodium thiosulfate;
  • Carbonated water;
  • Foil and soda.

And now, in fact, the way of using:

  1. The easiest, fastest and most affordable option is cleaning with a cotton pad and salt. Wipe the products and leave for a while, then rinse with clean fresh water. If you want a more expressive effect, use salt instead of salt, and the cleaning method remains the same.
  2. Also very effective is sodium thiosulfate. This solution can be purchased at a pharmacy - its price is quite small. Scrunch this solution with cupronickel cutlery, but do not forget to wash and dry them after a while.
  3. To give cleanliness and shine to products made of nickel silver, just pour them on a few minutes with soda, leave a hiss, and then wash everything off.
  4. But the most effective and indispensable is a very old method, namely with the help of foil and soda. First, put a foil of any thickness in a container or pan, pour in a little( ¼ cup) of soda and put the instruments on top that need to be cleaned. Fill the container with boiling water( about 100 degrees), and after drain the water and rinse new, clean appliances.
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Tips after cleaning

The main thing - you need to remember two important rules when caring for a cupronickel. Regardless of what means or method you clean cutlery, adhere to these rules:

  • All the melchiorovy cutlery after cleaning should be washed in a warm, but in no case not hot water.
  • Be sure to wipe the cutlery dry with a towel, as when moisture gets the product will be oxidized and blackened again.

Important! Store cutlery from nickel silver as far as possible from household chemicals, especially containing in the composition of chlorine, as it is destructive for such an alloy.

So, if you carefully read this article and followed all the instructions, then there should be absolutely no problems on how to care for and clean the cupronickel cutlery. We hope that our advice and recommendations will help you restore the shine and radiance to the old products from the nickel silver. I want to believe that we have taught you effective, effective ways of cleaning cutlery and in the future you will not have any difficulties in terms of care.